Sidetracked – diverted away from or distracted from a previously determined plan.

Cambridge, MA
Harvard University
Kappa Delta House
Taylor’s Room

To my lovely followers,

I am so sorry for just disappeared like I did.  I honestly thought that it would be easy to write on this blog over the summer.  I had planned on writing posts at least twice a month, but my job and family matters decided to change that plan.  I was very sidetracked.  Nevertheless, I’m back! I don’t know how long I’ll be back for…but for now, I’m going to enjoy being here again.  And this time I’m actually going to put a notification on my calendar every week or every other week to post.

I’ve already talked to Callie and I’m still going to be a KayDee girl with her.  Super excited! Hmm…other than that, all I have to say is that a new post will be up sometime soon!

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Put on a bow and throw what you know,
Taylor Renee


Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused (adj.) – bewildered; lacking knowledge and understanding.

Cambridge, MA
Harvard University
Kappa Delta House

Looking in the full length mirror hanging in her brand new room, Taylor smoothed the last few wrinkles out of the Lilly Pulitzer sundress she had just put on.  lilly pulitzer sweater dress

The Kappa Delta sisters were having a Big-Little brunch in the house’s dining room, which was perfectly fine for Taylor since she was starving due to skipping breakfast in order to start unpacking all of her clothes and stuff in her room within the KayDee house.  As President, Callie was able to pull a few strings and convince a few people to allow her Little – aka Taylor – to move into the house; she felt really lucky and knew it would make her feel even more at home at Harvard.

She looked at her clock to see that it was time to get her butt downstairs, so she took one last deep breath and closed her bedroom door behind her.  She didn’t even get to the bottom of the staircase before she was enveloped in hugs and greetings from other sisters.  The question of the hour for her seemed to be “Are you enjoying living in the house so far?” to which she always responded with a “yes of course,” but even the thought of all those boxes still unpacked in her room was overwhelming.  But those could wait until after this Big-Little Brunch.  Speaking of…

Taylor had yet to see her her own Big.  She began scanning the room for Callie, which didn’t last long.  The room turned to black when a pair of hands covered Taylor’s eyes.

“Guess who?” a cheery voice asked.

“Hm, let me guess. Maybe, Callie?” Taylor laughed and pulled the hands away from her face.  The two girls hugged, talked for a bit about what the brunch would entail, and went to sit in their spots at one of the tables.  Taylor had to discretely pinch herself; this still didn’t feel real to her.  First, she was accepted into KD.  Then, she found out that her Big was Callie. She moved into the house, and quickly started becoming good friends with so many of the girls in the sorority.  Come on, that doesn’t just happen to anyone.  She felt so lucky to even be there let alone all of that…

Once everyone was settled into their seats, Callie stood up and welcomed all of the girls, made a few announcements.  A few minutes later, the food was served.


“So which stores do you want to go to first?  There’s no way we can miss that sale at Victoria’s Secret, so that has to be in the list somewhere,” Taylor asked Callie, between bites, as they planned the spur-the-moment mall trip they were to make after the meal ended.

“Well I –” the blonde began before being interrupted.

“Uh, Callie, someone’s at the door for you,” Sophia Grace announced from the front of the room.

“May I ask, who?” Callie responded in curiosity.

Sophia looked around hesitantly, but still said the name: Anton.

Taylor saw Callie take a deep breath before arising from her seat.

“I’ll be right back, Tay,” she whispered.

As she left the room, brunch resumed and Taylor made conversation with two of the other girls whom she was sitting close to.  Things were going great; it was hard for her not to smile the entire time.  That is, until one of the other girls opened her mouth.

“Look at them, trying to work things out.  What the hell, she’ll go and probably forgive him for what he did but she won’t forgive her own sorority sister,” Jacklynn said to the girl next to her — presumably either her little or one of her close friends in the house.  She only said it loud enough for the people around her to hear, including Taylor.

Taylor snapped her head in her direction.

“What happened to that old saying, sisters before misters?” the girl asked in return.

“You really think that matters to her? I even tried to get a VIP legacy to join our chapter to make it up to Callie, but that wasn’t good enough.”

Woah, I didn’t realize I had walked into feud.

Taylor still didn’t know Callie too well, but she knew her enough to get upset at what she heard Jacklynn saying.  If she had a problem, no matter what happened, she needed to take it up face-to-face with Callie — not say nasty comments behind her back.  And Taylor wasn’t the type of person to deal with that.

So she stood up, pushed her chair in, and went to leave.

“Wait, Tay, where are you going?”  Sophia asked her.

Taylor looked back at her and then turned to face Jacklynn, who she stared at while saying, “Somewhere where I won’t hear sisters talking about another sister behind her back.”

And with that, Taylor walked out — leaving them all stunned — and went back to her room to finish unpacking.  The only person she wanted to talk to at the moment was Callie, who was still busy with Anton, so she made sure to lock her door behind her.


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Put on a bow and throw what you know,
Taylor Renee


Change (v.) – to make or become a different substance entirely; transform.

Cambridge, MA
Harvard University
Taylor’s Dorm Room

The bed frame squeaked beneath Taylor as she rolled onto her stomach, her ears still listening carefully to what her mum was lecturing to her about over Face-time.

“My darling, I’m sure you have nothing to worry about.  You have quite the sparkling personality, and you completely fit the profile of a Kappa Delta girl.  Tomorrow morning, you’ll get the bid, I just know it.  They have to give it to you anyways, you’re a legacy,” she rambled on.  Ever since Taylor went away to college, she found it was a lot harder to understand her parents through video chat since it made their British accents sound a lot thicker than they actually were.

“Mum, but I didn’t exactly tell…” Taylor began, before her mum started asking about outfit choices for Bid Day.

I didn’t exactly tell them that I’m a legacy, though — was what the brunette was going to say.  Her nerves were bothering her more than ever as she honestly did not know what to expect in the morning to come.  She chose not to tell them that she’s a legacy because she was hoping they’d choose her for who she is.  But not telling them also meant that they could not choose her and not give her a bid.  To which, she’d be devastated.

Taylor had just transferred from Brown U. to Harvard U. because she believed that she could have a better academic and social experience at the latter.  It was either there or University of North Carolina, her mum’s alma mater, but Taylor wanted to be away from the state in which she had mostly grown up.  Starting over hasn’t been the easiest thing for her, and getting rejected from the one sorority which she has always wanted to call home would make her want to give up.

Positive thoughts, positive thoughts.

“Yes mum, I already have it figured out.  I’m putting on my best southern preppy wear, well, minus a dress.  You know I like actual pants better than one of those,” Taylor pointed out with a slight attitude.

The two continued to talk for a bit, though she cut the conversation off a little before midnight.  Beauty sleep was a must if she wanted to keep from having major dark circles under her eyes.  She didn’t want to look tired on what could, and hopefully would be, the best day of her school year and start of her long journey as a Kay Dee.  So she closed her laptop, turned off the lights, laid her head on her silk-covered pillow, and dozed into a deep sleep.


Harvard University
Kappa Delta Sorority House
Bid Day 2016

There were no words that could come to Taylor’s mind which could describe how she felt as she entered the halls of the Kappa Delta house.  She still couldn’t even believe that only an hour or two earlier, she’d opened an envelope with her name on it and saw her bid to Kappa Delta.  Her stomach had dropped as soon as she read it, and it still was filled with knots and butterflies as she stood among the other young ladies who had also received bids.  Their adventure into the sorority was about to begin — well, after a short speech from the chapter’s President, of course.

Taylor looked up ahead of her and saw a really pretty blonde who had commanded the attention of the room.  Behind her, the house was filled with A League of Their Own theme decorations.  All of which was even better than expected. “Welcome to Kay Dee! I’m Callie Elle, President of Kappa Delta here at Harvard U.  Here you will find your sisters for life. Get to know them, spend time with them, make memories. I continued. Welcome Home to a League that’s your own!”

Taylor’s stomach dropped again when Callie Elle mentioned ‘sisters for life’.  That’s what she was most excited about: having best friends that would be her sisters and family for the rest of her life.  You only find that in special places, like this very sorority.  So she took the advice from the welcome speech, and began to mingle and get to know her new sisters.

Only, after she started doing just that, her clumsiness managed to shine through as she accidentally bumped into someone while pushing through the crowd. 

“Sorry,” Taylor sheepishly managed to get out.

The other girl smiled at her and said it wasn’t a problem.  Looking up from the ground she was staring at, Taylor saw who she was now talking to and instantly tried to perk up.  It was extremely important to show confidence around the chapter’s President.  She introduced herself and was pretty surprised when it lead to a pretty interesting and long conversation about the school and the sorority.  Seeing as she was a brand new member, and a brand new Harvard student, she had thought Callie would have better people to go converse with.

This is my new home, this is my new family, Taylor thought while looking around.  She couldn’t wait to see what was in store for her.


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Life ➳

Life (n.) – Confusing, something we all need to figure out at some point in our lives.

Hey guys, this is the girl behind the blog talking today.  I’m sorry for taking so long to write this out, I know it’s been a bit since my last post.  But I’m here to say that my blog needs a hiatus.  I’m at a point in my life where I don’t know what’s going on or what I’m doing or even where I’m going but I need to figure it out.  I still have a couple other blogs that I’ll be posting on sometime soon, but this one just makes me confused about my life even more because I don’t know what to do with it.  If that isn’t what you were hoping to read, I’m sorry.  But I have some things to sort through right now.

Hiatuses don’t last forever, but give me a couple of months and I’ll hopefully be back and ready to start over.


Metanoia (n.) – the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self, or way of life.

29 December 2015
Surrey, England

A thud from the front door echoed through the Highland family’s flat as Taylor raced in from the cold, outside.  She made a huge effort to hustle as she dropped off three over-sized, reusable Tesco shopping bags in the kitchen from the grocery store run that her mum had sent her on about an hour ago.  However, as no one else was currently home, it was her responsibility to put those groceries away.  So she dashed to her bedroom to grab her thin, silver Apple laptop and set it up on the kitchen counter in order to multi-task the things she had to do at the moment.

She looked at the time and double-clicked on the Facetime icon on the laptop’s desktop and clicked on a name she’d only called once before: Liam McNulty.  As the call rang, she began to unload the grocery bags.  A masculine voice rang out through the kitchen from the laptop’s speakers just as she finished the first of the three bags.

“I am so sorry that I’m late calling you!  The bloody train was late getting to the underground station, and my hands were full from carrying all of these bags so it’s not like I could call you from my phone, and…”

“Woah, calm down there, it’s okay,” Liam laughed as he cut her off from going on the rant that she’d begun.

“Anyways, that okay if we talk while I’m putting all this food away?” she asked.

“Doesn’t bother me.  So this little meeting call was just to check up and see if you had any more questions about the upcoming semester?  After all, it is my job to answer them being that I’m your appointed mentor for your semester as an exchange student,” he continued.

“Uhhhh…” Taylor thought as she turned to face him — er, well, face the computer screen.

“I do have one question…how are the people there at Brown? Like, are they typically easy to get along with and socialize with?”

“Well, some of them are okay, but others can be picky about who they talk to.  Class systems still matter to some of them as far as socializing goes.  But you’ll be with me and my friends for at least the first couple of weeks, and all of them are pretty chill.”

“What are they like? Other than ‘chill’?” she asked as she continued to put away the last two-thirds of the food she’d just bought for her family.

“Well…” Liam began, as he answered her simple-yet-complicated question.


• Hopefully all of you have noticed the new changes on my blog! The pages have been completely re-done and there are even a few new pages, the makeover is new (thanks to OfficiallyDylan for the header), the theme is back to Forever, the beginning of my posts are different now (the definition that was written before the post), and the widgets on the side have also changed.

• The story has also changed!!  This is extremely important to the understanding of the story.  The Brown group is re-starting the whole thing — aka everyone is back to being freshmen in college!  Taylor is still a little different, however, as she is a student at the University of Oxford who is going to be participating in a foreign exchange program and attending Brown for a semester (which is further explained on the “The Brunette Brit” page).

• Keep an eye out for my next post!

Summer Slipped Away

Summer Slipped Away

 “Just landed. I really miss you already. Can’t wait to be in your arms again,” Taylor Highland typed and sent off in a text to her boyfriend, Daniel Woods, who was still in England for another two weeks with his family.  There were two things that he had asked of her right before she left him at the London Heathrow Airport to go to her gate: that she give him one last kiss that can hold him over for two weeks, and that she let him know that she made it to New York safe and sound.  She wanted to keep her promise to him and do both.

After putting her phone back in her pocket, she slung her heavy backpack around her shoulders and made her way to luggage claim.  The conveyor belt had already begun making its continuous circles and most of the bags had already been picked up by all of the eager and impatient passengers, so it was pretty easy to spot her two giant VS PINK bags as they made their way around the belt.  She pulled them off one at a time, checking over each of them to make sure that every single outside pocket was still zipped up, that the name tags were still in place, and that nothing on the bags were broken.  The employees whom unloaded the planes at LaGuardia Airport were infamous for stealing from the unlocked pockets of passenger luggage.  Taylor’s, however, looked and seemed like they’d been left alone – thankfully.

She looked at the rose gold watch on her left wrist: 7:43 AM.  Her ride should be arriving in the next minute or so.  Considering it was freezing cold in baggage claim, she made her way through the automatic glass doors and out into the sunshine which shone over the Pickup and Drop-off lanes.  Just as she was about to sit down, she saw a very familiar 2015 Jeep Wrangler rush over a speed bump and pull to a stop in front of her.

“Happy to see me? Or are you only smiling because you get your jeep back?” the brunette yelled with a giant smile on his face as he cranked down the volume of the music playing through the vehicle’s speakers.

Taylor couldn’t help but to smile and then laugh as she tossed her stuff into the backseat.  However, she kept her lips shut tight until she was climbing into the passenger seat next to him.

“Both.  But I’m definitely glad to see a smile on that face of yours, Derrick!” she finally answered back as she reached over and tousled his semi-grown out hair.

“I see you haven’t outgrown old habits — do you always have to touch the hair?  And yeah, well it helps to see a good friend.  I saw Darren last week too.”

“Oh?” she looked at him. “And how is he?” she asked, though she knew how he was.  He’d been drunk calling her the past couple weekends.

“Seems good,” Derrick shrugged his shoulders.

Taylor strapped her seat belt on and adjusted the seat.  Clearly Darren had been in the jeep while Derrick was borrowing it, as the seat was so far back for someone’s long legs to fit in it.

Derrick stepped on the gas pedal, thrusting the car forward and Taylor back into her seat.  A few seconds after they took off out of the airport, she turned her head back to Derrick and opened her lips to speak.

“Thanks again for letting me spend the next two nights in your family’s guest house until I can move in at Brown.  And thank you for taking care of my baby,” she said said as she patted the black dashboard.

“Better than leaving it in long-term parking.  And no problem at all.  I just hope you’re ready to meet a few of my old high school buddies while you’re here,” he announced.

She chuckled.  “As long as you let me shower and make myself look decently presentable beforehand.”

“For being a Daring, you’re still such a girl,” Derrick shook his head in disbelief.  “Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time.  We’re not meeting them until lunch; one of the girls made lunch reservations for all of us at the Westchester Country Club and then we’re hanging out at the pool afterwards.  You up for all of that after a ten hour flight?”

“Nothing I can’t handle with a little sugar and a lot of caffeine,” she answered.

They laughed together and cranked up the music, jamming out to Maroon 5 the rest of the way to his house.

A Note From The Author,

         So I know the rest of the Darings and I had started a plot in Barbados, where we’d been writing about playing in a competition hosted by Merri-Lee Marvil.  However, summer slipped away from us and we really didn’t realize how much time was left before fall classes would begin and summer vacation would end.  Seeing how it’s already the middle of August, there is no way that we can finish writing about it before summer ends.

         Therefore, we are skipping the rest of the time that the characters are in the competition.  We need to focus our posts, time, and effort into getting ready for the characters to go back to being at Brown University.  A big apology to any of our readers who were excited to see what all would happen during the comp.  But we promise there will be just as much to look forward to when their school year begins.

         New post will be up next week to continue with this one.

Smashingly Yours,
Taylor Renee Highland

Child’s Play

“Adults can play children’s games, too.”

➳ ➳

“Piece of cake!” Darren yelled, fit pumping into the air.

“I can’t believe we were so far ahead of everyone on that!” Taylor cheered back at her teammate.

Darren laughed with her but added, “Yeah, seriously! All thanks to you though.  Good thing you had loved scavenger hunts so much when you were little.”

“Remind me to thank my mum for that one.  She’s the one who always insisted on creating them around the house and neighborhood for me and Caroline,” Taylor recalled a couple of her fondest childhood memories.

“Sounds like you had a fun time with it,” he said as they walked in through the doorway of the house from the backyard where the winners had been announced.  “I’ll grab a few drinks from the kitchen for the team in celebration.  What do you want – JD? Wine?”

She shoved him to the side and snickered.  “Oh shut up and just get me a Sprite.”

As Darren ran inside, Taylor stayed behind to wait for her boyfriend to catch up.  She knew that he’d be upset about losing, especially to her.  Anytime he was upset with himself, he would never just drown in his sorrows for a little while and then get over it — he’d beat himself up over it instead and question himself and his abilities.  It was the one of Daniel’s qualities that she disliked the most.  However, all she could do was be by his side and try to cheer him up.

That’s exactly what she was planning on doing.

As he and Derrick sulked their way towards her, she rattled her brain for any possible activities around the house that they could all do in order to distract them and lift their spirits.  “Around the house” being the key words, as one of the game’s rules was that they were not permitted to leave the property.  Her thoughts were scattered as she tried to brainstorm:

There’s the pool — we could have a cannonball contest? Oh, that would be a contest though. We could just jump in and all cool off and lay on the floaties and stuff?  Or there’s the X-Box — I could start that up and get them to play a cooperation game.  Uhmm …. no, maybe the best thing would just to play a round of Never Have I Ever; it’d be something to take the edge off and get to know everyone a little more.

Once she landed on that last idea, she looped her arms through Daniel’s and Derrick’s and walked with them into the living area where she’d soon have started the game’s first round of the night.

Ready For Anything

**Author’s Notes: As you will find out in this post, and in Dylan’s post, there are new girls who will be joining us in our Brown University RP group!  Read a little about them in this post, then go check them out on my “Darings” page to click on their blog links.  Also, this post title is the name of a song that I’ve been obsessed with lately and I found it perfect for this post. It’s called Ready For Anything by Landon Austin and I really would love for all of you to listen to it after reading my post.  It’s an inspiring song.  Check out the youtube video of the song here.

Smashingly Yours, Taylor Renee


“No matter what life brings
If it’s you and me
We’re ready for anything.”
➳ ➳

 Led by Dylan Marvil, the Darings stumbled out of the limo one-by-one and headed towards the front door of their new home for what was left of the summer.  But as soon as they saw Merri-Lee in front of them once again, they had no idea what to expect.  She’d already given them their team information at the brunch meeting they’d just had, but for all they knew, the competition could be starting right away with a team challenge.  Taylor Highland, on the other hand, crossed her fingers that Merri-Lee was only there to give them a key to the place.

It was obvious that Dylan had no idea what her mother was doing there either by the nervousness that was written all over her face.  However, Merri-Lee quickly cleared the air when everyone was finally standing in front of her.

“Hello, house-guests!  Don’t worry, we’ve decided to give you a day to get used to the house.  Plus, most of you may know each other but since there are a few new faces, we thought you could also use this day to get to know them; though this is a competition, we still don’t want anyone to feel left out what with all of you being classmates in the Fall,”  she explained.

Taylor grinned and looked around her to find those new faces that were being referred to.  Grace was behind her and to the left, looking slightly bothered as she stood next to Liam.  Acacia was standing right next to Taylor and seemed like she was going to burst with excitement at any moment.  And then there was Adaline, who was at the very back of the group almost as if she was trying to hide.  She’s probably just shy and not used to our over-exuberant personalities.  I’ll go talk to her later, Taylor thought to herself.  As she turned back around towards their host, she noticed that all of the guys looked like they were a pack of hungry wolves – ready to bolt into the house and find out what was waiting for them inside.

“Anyways, welcome to The House!” Merri-Lee rang out as she swung open the french-style double doors.

As Taylor ran through the house with her best friends, it felt almost as if she was on an exhilaration high.  Her jaw almost even dropped; there weren’t places nearly this big back at her home in east London.  Plus, they’d all been used to staying in smaller apartments from being in NYC for that dance academy.  That being said, it was reason enough for them all to run around the new house like little youngsters on Christmas.  With all that excitement, no wonder they didn’t settle down until nearly a few hours later.

➳ ➳

Once settled in, Taylor, Dylan, and Marley finally landed on a set spot to relax, hang out, and chat before dinner: on the lawn chairs out by the swimming pool.  Just because they were three of four team captains, that didn’t mean that this competition was going to separate them.  They were still best friends, and it surely showed by how they were gossip and conversing about the meeting and relationships (secret and known), amongst other things.

The chatter had to be put on hold, however, when Darren stuck his head through the back door.  Girl talk was girl talk – no boys allowed.  But he wasn’t interested in talking with the three of them, only with Taylor.  Dylan and Marley exchanged peculiar looks before both staring at Taylor with intrigued ones.  Taylor only shrugged her shoulders at them in return as she swung her tanned legs from the chaise to the patio and followed him to the corner of their huge backyard.  Their guess was as good as hers.

“What’s up, Dare?” Taylor asked.

“Well I figured that you and I should talk and figure out a time to get to know the new girls, especially the two on our team,” he answered as he sat down on the picnic blanket that was already laid out on the grass.

“I agree, but I think we should make it inconspicuous, like we’re trying to get to know all of them as people and not just because the two on our team,” she pointed out.

“Good point.  But until we figure out Grace and Adaline’s strengths, we’re at a bit of a disadvantage against the other three teams…”

“How do you suppose?”

“The other teams may have three people, but two of the three are guys.  That’s extra strength and agility for endurance challenges.”

“Maybe, but the way I think of it, we also have one major advantage over them.”

Darren ruffled his brows and shifted his head slightly – a clear look of confusion.

“We got you,” Taylor cheerfully pointed out.  “You know each and every one of the Daring boys better than anyone,” she added, giving reasoning for her little declaration.

“I didn’t think of it like that,” he voiced, seemingly surprised that he hadn’t.

“See my point now?” she asked.

“Taylor, you’re a genius.”

With a hair flip, she replied, “This I already know.”  She couldn’t help but giggle at her girly response.

She looked back at the two girls who were still sitting over by the pool, legs now hanging in the glimmering water.

“Uhm, Dylan just gave me one of her infamous looks, so I think we’d better continue this chat later…” Taylor sighed, standing up off the ground.

She held her hand out to Darren, who smiled and took it to allow her to pull him up.

“Talk later then.”

Passports and Piña Coladas

**Quick Author’s Note: I have changed my FC back to Crystal Reed. I just think she fits Taylor better and I just love her.  Also, since I have a new face-claim, I needed to put up a new makeover! Hope you lovelies really fancy it.  Also, shout-out to XODM for helping think of this post title!

Smashingly Yours, Taylor Reneeairport picture lattes

“Once a year, go someplace
you’ve never been before.”

➳ ➳

 Phft. Phft. Phft.

“Could you not?!” Taylor Highland hissed at Liam McNulty from across the middle aisle.

Doe-eyed, Liam shrugged his shoulders but just resumed his little game.


Taylor reached out her hand and caught the little ball of paper before chucking it straight back at him.

“That was a little uncalled for,” he complained to her.

“Not when you’ve been shooting those spitballs at us for the past twenty minutes,” she shot back at him.

Not a moment later, Ethan swiftly stole the straw and paper wrapping from his friend and stuffed them in his pocket.  Taylor and Marley smiled at him gratefully, but Taylor took it a step further and stuck her tongue out at Liam for a split second.

“Aw come on man, help a brother out.  We’ve been on this plane for four hours already and we still have one more to go.  I’m bored out of my mind,” McNulty protested.

“Then watch go to sleep or watch a movie like the rest of us,” Marls injected – even if the comment wasn’t directed towards her.  “Now shush, the hot guys are on our screen.”

Taylor pushed the space bar on her laptop to carry on with their movie of the flight, She’s The Man, but slammed down on it yet again when Johnny opened his mouth from his seat behind her:

“There’s hot guys here in real life too that you could pay attention to.”

“Are there really? Where?” she sarcastically asked while turning her head to scan the rows in the aircraft, “I don’t see any…”

Clearly Marley couldn’t contain herself, because she burst out laughing right after.

“Ouch,” whispered Daniel from the other side of Taylor.  She looked over to see him holding his hand over his heart as if he’d just been wounded or shot.

“Awh, I’m sorry babe.  I didn’t mean it,” she leaned over and placed a kiss on his cheek before pulling him closer to her.  As Taylor intertwined her fingers in his, she saw Marley resume the movie, and the two of them continued watching.  For that last hour of the flight, the two of them attempted to ignore the boys and their oh-so-creative forms of in-flight entertainment.  There were multiple times when the flight attendants had to ask them to calm down or take their seats; in Taylor’s mind, it was absolutely ridiculous.

 She couldn’t wait to tell Dylan all about it, but then again, she’d be happy just to finally see her other best friend again.  By the time they got to Barbados, Taylor’s camera memory card contained plenty of pictures to remember the flight by.

 Take a peek:

Pictures from Barbados Flight

Just Another Summer Day

sweethearts videogamesHarsh, fire-cracker noises thundered and echoed through the air.  An explosion resonated and was followed by what sounded similar to the whining and crying of a four week old puppy dog when he realizes he’s going to the vet.  It was filled with regret, pain, and suffering.

Only it wasn’t a puppy dog; It was Johnny.  Taylor, who was curled up in Daniel’s arms, had just thrown a grenade at Johnny’s player character in their team game of Call of Duty and successfully blew him up — for the third time in a row.  She looked over at him and stuck out her tongue, to which he threw a pillow at her.  His life loss gave her and Daniel the win since Daniel had already sniper shot Liam.

“Alright, who wants to play next?” Taylor asked.

“What happened to going to the condo’s pool?” Liam counter-questioned.

She lifted her eyebrow at him and gave him a look that just screamed ‘you know what happened’, but Marley decided to explain out-loud to everyone: “You boys all got distracted as soon as you walked through the door three hours ago and saw Darren and Derrick playing video games…which is beyond boring if you ask me.”  She added a little faux yawn with her last statement.

Taylor giggled to herself and high-fived the blonde.

“I mean, if you all want to go to the pool now though we can.  What do ya think?” Taylor asked yet another question to her mates.

In response, she heard a ‘works for me’, ‘sounds good’, and ‘sure’.  So she wiggled herself loose from the twisted position she and Daniel had entwined themselves in on Darren’s couch and grabbed her beach bag.  Well, today it acted as a pool bag but whatever.

“D, you got the guest passes?” Marley asked.  Darren waved them in his hand at her as they all walked out of the door one-by-one.

Once they were out the door and into the tile-clad hallway, Taylor felt a warm arm wrap around her waist as they all waited for the elevator.  The ding of the bell chimed and Daniel was forced to let go as they all went to huddle into it.  As soon as the doors re-opened to show the lobby, Taylor announced, “I call bagsy on the donut-hole pool floatie!”

A chorus of “bag-what?” let out as everyone turned their heads back at her and stared with puzzled faces.  She exchanged a disappointed look with her boyfriend, who laughed because he already knew was she was about to say.

“Bagsy — uhm, dibs?  Wow, you Americans will understand.” normal_TheRoyals101_0475The elevator doors clicked shut behind her and she couldn’t help but join in the laughter that ensued because of her own silly comment.